Hot Hair Tips:


First off Brushes:

This brush is excellent for long layered hairstyles. The boar bristles
keep the hair smoother than plastic bristles. It also keeps the hair
from breakage and getting flyaway hair.

For thicker hair I recommend Moroccanoil (Below) Before you blow-dry add about the size of 2 to 3 pea size drops. Rub hands together and lightly tap on hair all over then pull through your hair with your fingers. Then blow dry with a ceramic brush. You can also add a little more after it is dry to eliminate frizz and to add shine. The Moroccan oil help speed up the drying time and acts as a leave in-conditioner.



You have to remember that just because you like a certain hairstyle that does not mean it will work for you. Hairstyles depend on the shape of your face and the texture of your hair. If its curly or straight. It all depends on how much maintenance your willing to do.

If you have Straight Hair:

Of course we want to have wavy curly hair. You know that jump out of the shower hair. It takes mousse and or gel and a blow dryer. Then you can flip your head over and use a small pick and tease the roots flip back over smooth the top layer and use a light hairspray. Hot rollers are always nice for a change even better are the Velcro rollers Dry your hair almost dry then put in medium to large Velcro rollers use your blowdryer on rollers and let set. Then take out and mess up hair put in place and use a little hairspray..

If you have Curly Hair:

Weather for example, hot and humid for curly hair spells disaster. Most people I know who have curly hair want it straight. Using the right hair care product in your hair before you blow-dry, is critical. 

Hair Care Products:

If you just use the proper salon hair care product, the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. A little time and a  good haircut can go along way.


The right hairstyle begins by the shape of your face

Round Face - you want to avoid lots of hair in your face. A slight fringe instead of a full bang is a good idea. A side part is sometimes a good suggestion.

Square Shaped Face - side part and nice layering is also good for a soft and flattering look.

Oval Shape Face - can pretty much get away with almost any hairstyle.

Long Face - Stay away from very short hair. Soft layers around the face are always good.


Most people I have run into don't usually have round, square or a heart shape. Most commonly they have a combination of a couple of shapes.

You might have a long face and have high cheek bones. You can get away with either tucked or cut short around the ears. There are many different combinations. I'll get into more of that later.


To get the perfect hairstyle choose the right hairstylist


The easiest and best way to find a new hairstylist is to ask some one you see with a hairstyle that you like while your in the the mall or other stores. Make sure it is someone who has hair similar to yours. I know from experience it is very flattering and no one will mind telling you where he or she goes. Remember be careful of cheap haircutting shops. Remember you get what you pay for!

Another place to look is at actresses and actors are pretty much up to date. The daytime soaps or catalogs. I know for long hair {Victoria Secrets} is very good. Your store catalogs are also a good source. You can buy a hair magazine at your local grocery store with all the latest hairstyles.

What Hair Care Products should you use?


Below is a great iron for people that are challanged by blow drying, it might take a few times to get comfortable with using an flat iron. Using a leave in conditioner I recommend a dime size amount of morrcoan oil.

Then either blow dry completely or partially. Sectioning your hair will be necessary. I iron sections about 3" in length and only 1/2 inch wide. I place the side of the iron on my scalp and draw out from there. The heat plates are set inside the head of the unit so burning your scalp is highly unlikely.


There are lots and lots of hair care products out there, My suggestion is stay away from store bought shampoo and conditioning products. If you want something that works, use professional salon shampoo and conditioner. Also remember you wear your hair everyday. Its worth spending a little extra money on a quality salon shampoo and conditioner. You might spend that money on a shirt you wear maybe once a month, WHY NOT SPEND A LITTLE TO GET A LOT. If your hair looks good you will feel better about yourself.