Easy Blow Drying Tips

With a few great products anyone can turn a bad hair day into a good hair day.
I recommend you start with damp hair. You can't stlyle wet hair.

(1) Shampoo and condition hair. Towel dry using a large tooth comb or
my favorite a paddle brush with flexible bristles.
I recommend a leave in conditioner for hair that tangle easily.

(2) Add your styling gel and or mousse. I recommend salon brands only.
Comb thru so it's evenly distributed. Flip head over and blow dry with your fingers drying at the roots to add volume. I only dry half way so the hair is slightly damp. About 80% dry.

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(3) Secton your hair from your cheekbones down and clip the rest up. If
you have bangs start there. With a brush about 1 1/2 inches
 in diameter. On shoulder length or longer I recommend a larger brush.

(4) Always aim your brush down the shaft of the hair to keep it
smooth. Using the heat on the brush pull the blow dryer away and let
the hair cool before removing the brush. Or if you have a cool down
button on your dryer that works well too.

(5) After you have dryed the bottom, bring down the next section so you
have just from temple to temple clipped up.
 Continue blowdrying down the hairshaft and wrapping it around the brush.

(6) Unclip the top section, I always blow-dry this hair back to add
volume and keeping the hair smooth at the same time.
 After you have finished drying. I have my clients flip over and
use the cool button.

(7) To add extra volume to fine hair I flip the head over and using a
pick I tease the base of the hair just a little. Then flip the head back over and smooth the outer layer of your hair
 with your fingers.  I then recommend a light spray of hairspray. There are several salon brands I would recommend.
Call me and make an appointment. I will teach you the best way to dry your hair.

Tool Kit

Brushes - you will need at least 2 bushes. 1 round one for blowdrying and
A paddle brush or vent brush for smoothing and combing tangles out.

Hairdryers - at least 1500 watts or more. Make sure it has two heat
settings and a cool down button for finishing.

Hair Products - Product are such an important part of styling hair,
without them your hair will never look like when you left the salon.
Everbodys hair is different. You will need some type of  mousse, gel
and a hairspray.

Combs and Clips - Clips are needed to separate your hair while blowdrying and a
comb to part the hair and section.

Blow-drying to straighten the hair

If you have wavy or curly hair use an old cotton t-shirt to dry your
hair instead of a towel. You will be amazed how much less frizzy your hair will be.
Wrap your hair in the t- shirt for a short while to absorb as much
moisture as possible.

(1) Start by using straightening gel, balm, lotion or anti frizz serum. I have several to recommend.
 Apply to wet hair, comb thru to even out the gel or lotion. A
common problem is that we leave most of it on the top of our heads.
To solve this issue rub your hands together and lightly tap it all over your hair. It makes it
easier to comb thru evenly.

(2) Start in the back by sectioning off a layer that's not to big to
get your brush through.

Clip the rest up to keep out of your way. Using a downward motion, start at the roots and work down the
shaft. Stay at least 3 to 4 inches away from the hair.  Do not blast the hair with to much heat. After you finish a section use your cool button to smooth the cuticle down. Equals less frizz.

(3) Finish the rest of the sections working toward the front until
the whole head is dry. Use the cool down button on the entire head to
keep it smooth.

(4) You can use a flat iron now if you want it even straighter.
Remember to use a heat protecting product before using the flat iron.

I also recomend using large Velcro rollers for a bouncer look. I use big sections. After you are done hit the hair with a little heat from the blowdryer.

Let the hair cool down then take out rollers using your fingers to comb the
hair. Now you can spray with hairspray.

(5) A leave in conditioner before you dry will help the hair from
becoming frizzy.

I also spray a little hairspray on my paddle brush and smooth
the outer layer. You can also use a few pea size drops of conditioner. Rub your hands together and rub through your hair.

A tip for all to remember is to use clean brushes. You don't want to dull
your hair with a dirty brush. To keep your brushes clean use warm water and shampoo at least once a week.