Fine Hair Solutions

Aquage and Lanza are my favorites. It is great for all hair types. I especially like this on finer hair be it be curly or straight it will not make your hair greasy. Just a dime size in the palm of your hand then gently rub through your hair. It will speed up the drying time and get rid of frizzes and make your hair really shiny.

Debt Consolidation Care

One of the biggest advantages of straight hair is its ability to reflect light and shine. I tell my clients to alternate their shampoos. On thin fine hair, Aquage and Lanza are my favorites. I recommend using the Lanza volume shampoo and then the Lanza volume conditioner every other shampooing. Its a nice combination, not being too heavy on the hair.

 A good clarifying shampoo is good to use once a month also if you use lots of product. Using a volume shampoo helps to add body thickness to fine hair. After shampooing with lanza shampoo squeeze out some of the water from your hair and add a small amount of the volume. Rub into your hands and run thru the ends of your hair. You don't want the conditioner on your scalp as it will make your hair to flat. You want to make sure all the product is out of your hair. That is what can make your hair look dull and limp. Then I recommend a small amount of morrocan oil. It makes the hair shiny and smoothes down fly-away.

Using a golf size ball of mousse work through root area. Flip head over and start blow drying on low heat setting until half way dry. Then flip hair back over and section with clips. Start a back nape area (see blow dry tips).
When done drying flip hair over and lightly spray from at least 8 inches away. The root area fluff with fingers and back over to finish styling. Comb hair in place with fingers and spray again lightly from 8 inches away from hair. Now you are good to go with lots of thickness and volume.
Avoid waxes and molding gels as it makes fine hair look limp and greasy. Stick to mousses and root lifters or a light spray gel. Shine spray are also something you must be careful with as they can weigh your hair down and make it flat and limp. If you use a shine spray use it after you finish your hair completely. Spray once from 8 inches and your done. 

An artful solution for fine thin hair:

Its not that you can't go blonde with fine hair. You should only go a few shades lighter than your natural color or use a deeper base color and highlight blonde on the top layers. This gives the  hair more dimension and creates depth. Its a great optical  illusion. Full head color always  seems to make the hair feel thicker: Semi and Demi color can coat the hair and it will appear thicker.
In the Salon if your stylist uses bleach on your highlights it will roughen up your hair and begin to damage fine fragile hair. That's why more and more stylist are using color with maybe a little lightener, rather than bleach to create safe healthy highlights.